Sunday, January 24, 2016

Error installing Visual Studio 2015 followed by error installing Windows update kb2919355

Installing an version of Visual Studio is a time consuming task that is very well worth the wait as its a debugging tool second to none. Nevertheless when faced with some installation challenges it could be a challenging task that could take several days of online and offline research, consultation, experimentation and what have you to resolve it. I would like to share my experience of an error of installing Visual studio 2015 requiring the installation of windows update KB2919355 (this version of Visual Studio requires the April 2014 update to windows 8.1 and windows server 2012 R2 known as kb2919355).

which was made more gruesome by the error installing kb2919355 (this package is not applicable to this computer)

So to resolve it (both errors). This was what I did.
This link will take you to the Microsoft site where you will download Windows Update Diagnostic. After downloading, run it and select Background Intelligence Transfer Service and click the next button.
  • Open your system command line in elevated mode i.e (by selecting Run as Administrator)
  • Scan Windows system components: sfc /scannow

  • Remove KB2919355 package:
    dism /online /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_KB2919355~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~    (this is for 64 bit systems.) for a (32 bit system use dism /online /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_KB2919355~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~

  • Clean up the WinSxS folder: dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase

  •  Restart computer again.
  • Run offline installer: Windows8.1-KB2919355-x86.msu
  • Restart computer (You have to do this several times, but keep checking Windows Update each time until the update is listed as "successful") .Tiring yes but we are developers and vigilance is our watch word.
Once this is done, its one error down and one more to go.
  • Well little else is required but to Run Visual Studio 2015 setup as an administrator.

With that done you are certainly good to go.
As with try and catch code block, finally if you system should prove to be too stubborn and still not install the downloaded kb2919355 package, you can always reconnect your antivirus, switch back on your internet and check for windows update through your control panel.
i.e Control Panel -> System and Security -> Check for updates (ensure you also chick both " Give me the recommended updates the same way I receive important updates "  and " Give me the updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows." which are in Windows update change settings)

You might need to switch off your antivirus cause they have been various instructions, In some case the antivirus was temporarily switched off and in other cases it was not (It might be wise to be on the safe side and switch if off for the duration of resolving the issue) and you will definitely need to be on the internet during the download processes. I recommend you download all the required files prior to the installations and that way while your antivirus is down you will not be connected to the internet which will on one hand provide a level of security and protection. Also you must plug your computer to an uninterrupted power supply for the duration of this exercise.
Finally to others facing this issue don't give up and resort to formatting your system. This issue will be resolved, just keep at it and don't give up. Good luck.

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